Action against sugar mafia begins

ISLAMABAD: In the first major development into the ongoing drive against the sugar Satta mafia, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has called the sugar dealers, who are allegedly linked with the artificial hike in the commodity prices, on March 30.

The FIA Lahore chapter has ordered the bookies to bring the list of all personal and business bank accounts besides list of all anonymous accounts. The dealers were also instructed to bring a list of all family/ benami assets disclosed in amnesty schemes. They were ordered to bring a list of all TTs at home and abroad within a year. The absence and non-cooperation of the summoned bookmakers will result in arrests.

Sheikh Amir Waheed bookie (Chaudhry Sugar Group) has been summoned on April 1; Mustansir Gogi bookie (Ramadan and Al Arabiya Sugar Group) summoned on March 31; Malik Ibad bookie (JDW Sugar Group) summoned on March 30; Malik Majid bookie (JDW Sugar Group) summoned on March 31; Asad Bhaya bookie (RYK Sugar Group) summoned on April 2; Aslam Bhalli bookie (Sharif/Shamim/Kanjuani Sugar Group) summoned on March 30.

The FIA investigators have detected deposits of “Satta money” of Rs70 billion in over four hundred accounts directly/ indirectly linked to sugar dealers, mills owners and their front-men.

“So far, 424 bank accounts of sugar Satta players have been frozen (75pc so far), which had total deposits of Rs70 billion, including sugar Satta money fraudulently extracted from the pocket of poor people by escalating ex-mill prices of sugar in the market,” a member of FIA investigation team told this correspondent on Sunday.


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